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Important Dates

Apr. 8, P.D. Day, School is closed

Apr. 10, Pita Day

Apr. 12, Grade 5 Adventure Campus

Apr. 17, Domino's Pasta Day

Kindergarten STEAM Day, 2-3pm

Apr. 19, Chess Tournament, Smithville Public School

Apr. 23, School Council Meeting, 6:30pm, library

Apr. 24, Little Caesar's Day

Apr. 25, Grade 8 Adventure Campus

May 9, Gr. 7 Adventure Campus


















Kiss n' Ride Reminder

Kiss n' Ride is meant to be an expedited process. It is a quick drive through option. For the Kiss n' Ride to work efficiently and safely, we have to be respectful of the vehicles waiting. This line is not an opportunity to stop and chat. If your child is unable to exit your vehicle on their own, you will need to park and walk your child to the west gate near the Kindergarten courtyard to enter the playground.

Students with Prevalent Medical Needs - Plan of Care

Fillable forms - Prevalent Medical Conditions




For our Grade 8 graduates, Laker Grad Hoodies!

Grad hoodie ordering information

Inclement Weather

There are times in Niagara when weather conditions are so poor that we must cancel student transportation, and/or close schools to preserve the safety of students and staff. 

The decision to cancel transportation and/or close schools is not taken lightly; a variety of factors are considered when making this choice. To learn more about how these decisions are made, please go to https://www.dsbn.org/inclementweather. 

Transportation Cancellations:  Information about transportation delays and cancellations are posted to: https://portal.nsts.ca/Cancellations.aspx.  When transportation is cancelled, every effort is made to communicate the decision by 6:00 am on the day of the cancellation. There are times when transportation is cancelled, but schools remain open. If, on those days you feel it is best for your child to stay home, please report your child’s absence https://dsbn.org/safearrival/ so we can make sure they are safe at home. 

School Closures: When the decision to close schools is made, it refers to all schools: both in-person and remote/virtual learners. Every effort will be made to share school closure information before 6:00 am on the day of the school closure. You will find information on dsbn.org, all school websites, DSBN social media, and local media share the news widely as well. 

Elementary Schools: Optional Snow Day activities for Kindergarten to Grade 8, will be available on the DSBN website on days when schools are closed due to inclement weather. 

Secondary Schools: When secondary schools are closed, students are reminded they may access a course's online platform (D2L or Google Classroom) to review classroom notes, lessons, and complete any outstanding assignments or projects.

Accessible Parking @ Lakeview

Did you know that 1 in 7 people in Ontario have some form of disability?

​No matter what type of disability, these individuals are eligible to accessible parking spaces. Often they come across situations when an accessible parking space is occupied by someone without an Accessible Parking Permit, or when the access aisle, the striped area beside the parking space, is blocked by an adjacent car.

How you can help?

Show that you #RespectTheSpace by being mindful of accessible parking spaces and ...

 Do not park in an accessible parking space without a valid permit.


School-Level Ventilation Measures


Lakeview School Council

All are welcome to join School Council! School Councils play an important role in ensuring the success of all students and communicating school successes to other parents and community members. Participating on School Council will give you the opportunity to provide meaningful input on school life. Please email lakeviewcouncil@hotmail.com with questions or concerns.

Co-Chairs - B. Garrett, J. Dunne

Secretary - J. Jokanovic

Minutes September 2023

Minutes - November 2023

Minutes - February 2024